Alpha Wave Technology
About Us


Alpha Wave Technology Co., Ltd will provide the professional ICT solutions and services to the customer and businesses of community, which include provided and selling ICT Networks equipment’s .Our services bring together all the ways you want to use the best technology. We deliver the outcomes you need to accelerate your business

About Us

Alpha Wave Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 by a group of highly motivated and skillful individuals having rich experiences in providing IT Network solutions and services. We provide Information Technology design, development and customization Solutions for Government, ISP, Hotel, Finance, Education, Health Care, Shopping Mall and Super Market, Enterprise Company. We have built its credibility the best-in-class quality solutions & services that have high performance and complying with International standard.


To provide the professional ICT solutions, services and technical support, distribute ICT products, the good customer-care support and to earn profit fairly by embracing ethical and sound business practices.


Our vision is to simplify the experience for consumers and business customers by offering easy-to-understand, affordable rate plans and excellent customer service.

The Team

Our growth and unique position has been because of the following factors: We have a deep understanding of the ICT sector. 
The team certified at high levels and professional knowledge. 
The depth of the services we offer. 
Value-focused and quality professional services.  
Our solutions are commercial and customer-focused. Commitment to clients 
Our excellence in customer service. 
Integrity and ethical values 
Product quality and reliability 
Strong work ethic, Creativity / innovation / risk-taking 
Team-orientation / commitment to each other 
Direct, open, and honest communication 
We do the right thing.